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Building and maintenance
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The way we work is as important as the work we do. Time being the ultimate arbiter of quality, everything we do is made to last. We never forget it’s your house and your life so we work as unobtrusively as the project allows. Whatever the task, we work fast and tidily without compromising quality.

The secret of our success is hard to see. That is because a first class, enduring finish demands very thorough preparation. We don’t cut corners, we take the greatest care on the bits you can’t see: the foundations for walls and floors and substrata that underlay superb paintwork, for example.

Every project starts with a detailed quotation. It will certainly be competitive but not necessarily the cheapest. It will take into account the materials we will be using and the time taken to do the work properly. Again, we do not skimp on quality, we use the materials that are best fit for purpose.  Sometimes people want something a bit special, like an exotic wood for a kitchen island; we will source the material and install it all the care it deserves.

Finally, we are defined by our craftsmanship. It is in our blood, like a legacy. We are bespoke carpenters and joiners, painters and decorators, plasterers, electricians, plumbers, tilers and more. The work we do is up there with highest traditional standards – and we are proud of it.



Carpentry that maximises your space in a way that suits you best

Our experienced team has an excellent reputation built on skill, reliability and imagination. Maybe you have an idea but are not sure how to go about it. With our knowledge of materials, we can bring your ideas beautifully to life. We can craft your home in a way that is uniquely yours.



Expert roofing repairs and maintenance to protect the building

The roof plays a very important role in preserving the value of the house and the condition of its contents. The trouble is most roofs are out of sight so you may not be aware of a problem until there is some internal tell-tale sign.



Perfect tiling for walls and floors, creatively installed

Our highly skilled and experienced tiler can transform bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and even patios. The reason why people appreciate the fantastic results we get with tiling is that we ensure the base, whether it is a floor or a wall, is absolutely flat and straight. This, in itself, needs a master craftsman’s skills.



Perfect decoration to suit your lifestyle in a way that lasts

How you decorate you home is as essential as the way you furnish it. And which comes first varies from person to person and job to job. Colour co-ordination is vital because, with lighting, both have a huge influence on the ambience you want to achieve.



Ensuring the power that drives your home is safe.

Electricity is indispensable to every modern home – castle or cottage. It heats, it cools, it drives appliances, it keeps us safe and it provides light. When intelligently installed, it can produce miraculous effects. In fact, we cannot do without it. But there is a flip side: it can be dangerous.



Plumbing services you can tap into 24/7 with complete confidence

If it’s wet, we can fix it. We solve any plumbing problems: leaks, drips, flushes, unexplained puddles, ill-fitting washers and lazy water pressure. We also design and install bathrooms, kitchens and heating systems.


Our Mission

Technology changes the way we work and creates opportunities for new concepts. It is our job to keep abreast of what’s happening. So when we are called in on a project, large or small, we can suggest ideas that our customers do not always expect.

Our mission is to help you achieve your heart’s desire. We consult, advise and guide. We can help you through the minefields of planning consent, building regulations and neighbourhood restrictions. We have experience of listed buildings and conservation areas. All in all, we are an all-round experienced, reliable building and maintenance company.


We care deeply about our clients, and that shows in everything we do. Read what some of our customers say about our homes..