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Creating a luxury cinema experience in your own home

Recently, we have built four new home cinemas. We thought it was about time we ought to say something about it. There are two parts to the creation of a luxury home cinema: the technology behind the sound and picture; and the environment in which we sit in comfort to enjoy the experience. We are very much involved with the latter.


The high-tech part, the sound and visual system, the hardware and cabling is not our domain, even so, we work closely with the installers and build to their specifications. We help to create the drama of the cinema experience: deep-cushioned comfort of reclining armchairs, false ceilings with recessed lighting, soundproof walls and doors, remotely controlled curtains, secret cupboards for the video library – in fact, almost all but the usherette and the refreshments! Maybe, the children can oblige!

Covering up

Central to the cinema is the audio-visual installation. There is a very high degree of sophistication involved. For example, the sound system, like a real cinema, will surround you and the speakers will be behind sonically transparent fabric well out of sight but not earshot. The visual element can be a choice of projector with a drop-down screen or huge TV-type screens based on Light Emitting Diodes (LED) or the more modern Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) that offer amazing clarity and dazzling colour intensity. This is not our role but we have to know about it so the unsightly elements can be hidden; the end-user is left with nothing more than a handy remote to control his or her choices. Magic!


Miracles of entertainment

As often as not, the cinema is part of a much bigger integrated home automation installation. That is to say, a remotely controlled combination of a lighting system, TVs in every room each capable of the viewer’s own choice of programme, Smartphone-controlled home security and much more. The hardware is impressive but most of it needs to be hidden – but accessible – with just the periphery to perform their miracles of entertainment.

Building a wonderful experience

Carpentry is at the core of our business; we can build platforms for monster TVs or electronically-controlled ceiling hatches from which screen can drop at the press of a button. We can build cupboards and cabinets; match any mood with decorative colours; install air-conditioning and lighting controls. In fact, apart from the picture and the sound, we can do almost everything else to make your own personal cinema at home a wonderful experience.


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