"Our experienced craftsmen render quality and great value."

Perfect decoration to suit your lifestyle in a way that lasts


How you decorate you home is as essential as the way you furnish it. And which comes first varies from person to person and job to job. Colour co-ordination is vital because, with lighting, both have a huge influence on the ambience you want to achieve.

As craftsmen, we are flexible about the size of the project; a single room or the whole interior. We also work on exteriors to protect the fabric of the building whilst giving its appearance a bit of a sparkle.

From our point of view, the work starts with a firm and well-prepared surface. We take great care with this stage because it determines the enduring qualities of the finished result. Whether it is paint or wallpaper, the base has to be spot on. Skimp at this stage, and the peel starts all too soon!

Finally, the way we work is all-important. Dirt and dust impact on the finished surface. So we work cleanly. We also take the greatest care to cover everything that might be splashed or spoilt while we work. And, when at last, all is done, we hope we have created the perfect sanctuary for you.

Our decorating services include

  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Interior and exterior plastering
  • Water damage repair
  • Wallpapering
  • Wood staining and varnishing