"Our experienced craftsmen render quality and great value."

Ensuring the power that drives your home is safe.

Electricity is indispensable to every modern home Рcastle or cottage. It heats, it cools, it drives appliances, it keeps us safe and it provides light. When intelligently installed, it can produce miraculous effects. In fact, we cannot do without it. But there is a flip side: it can be dangerous.

Our team of electricians is highly experienced. They know the power of electricity and how to keep it safe. They know how the new technologies have been able to conserve power yet make the effects of it all the more exciting. They can install lighting in your home and garden and create the kind of mood you want at whatever time of day or night.

We ensure compliance with all the safety regulations and have the authority to certify your home is safe. So if you have some bright ideas and need a professional to help you achieve them, just call us.

Our electrical services include

  • Electrical testing and periodic inspections
  • Replacing faulty circuit breakers
  • Replacing light fittings
  • Installing emergency lighting
  • Installing security lighting
  • Wiring and rewiring
  • Repairing/replacing consumer units
  • Repairing/replacing faulty sockets and switches
  • Installing/testing fire alarms
  • Designing and installing lighting systems – spot lights, side lights, ceiling roses
  • Interior cabinet lighting
  • Preparing electrical installation condition reports
  • Garden lighting