"Our experienced craftsmen render quality and great value."

Plumbing services you can tap into 24/7 with complete confidence


If it’s wet, we can fix it. We solve any plumbing problems: leaks, drips, flushes, unexplained puddles, ill-fitting washers and lazy water pressure. We also design and install bathrooms, kitchens and heating systems.

Our professionally qualified plumbers are on call 24/7 throughout the year. And, we aim to be with you within the hour. Why? Because leaking water can cause expensive damage and the quicker we can solve the problem, the less the damage. In winter weather, the last thing you need is a cold house so we can fix your home heating problems really quickly.

We base our quotations by the job – not the hour. And we are both fair and competitive. This means you know exactly what the cost is going to be regardless of how long it takes. If it takes us longer to repair, we take the hit, you don’t.

Our plumbing services include

  • Install, repair and remove sanitary fittings
  • Design bathrooms, showers and wet rooms
  • Install bathrooms, showers and wet rooms
  • Install, repair and replace kitchen appliances
  • Unblock pipes and drains
  • Install, and maintain radiators
  • Correct tap and radiator pressure
  • Install and maintain air conditioners
  • Stop leaks
  • Clear toilets
  • Install and maintain boilers