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Expert roofing repairs and maintenance to protect the building

The roof plays a very important role in preserving the value of the house and the condition of its contents. The trouble is most roofs are out of sight so you may not be aware of a problem until there is some internal tell-tale sign.

We have years of experience in repairing, and replacing roofs in and around London. So if you think you have a roofing problem, call us at once. We will make an inspection, photograph the damage, discuss ways to solve the problem and cost the options. After an initial survey, we will be able advise you on whether a localised repair will fix the problem satisfactorily or you need to consider a full replacement. We realise this solution can be expensive and disruptive so we are reluctant to recommend it but, if needs must, we will be honest and say so.

Very often when we find a roofing problem there is ancillary damage such as rotting rafters and weakened ceilings. Sometimes brickwork needs repointing or guttering replaced. Attending to the consequential damage will add to the cost of repair but well worth paying to preserve the value of your property and give you long term peace of mind.


Our roofing services include

  • Replacing tiles and slates
  • Replacing whole roofs
  • Tile matching and infills
  • Lead work
  • Specialised slate work
  • Flat roof felting
  • UPVC fascia
  • Guttering
  • Coping work
  • Chimney stack repairs
  • Loft repair